Pick up in Lexington, OK

$175 each 

call us 601-928-5865 


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Russian Queens

When ordering Queens you must include the total number of queens and the date you would like them to arrive.
A 10% non-refundable deposit is required to secure your order and the balance is due in full two weeks prior to ship date. We accept checks or credit/debit cards. Click on the “Place Order” tab in the upper right of the page or call 601-928-5865 Monday – Thursday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Central Time.

We use either USPS Priority Express or UPS Next Day Air (cost varies with location). US Postal Service Priority Express flat-rate shipments are automatically insured for up to $100. Examine the contents immediately for any queens received in poor condition or dead. Should either of these conditions occur, immediately notify your post office and then call our office within 24 hours. You will need to obtain a US Postal claim form 1000; fill it out, have verified and signed by your post office and send to us. We will complete and file it for you. You will be responsible for shipping cost on replacement queens, which must be paid prior to shipment.

Sold Out for 2019     

You are responsible for loading and securing your nucs for travel back home.

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Call 601-928-5865 or email orders@coybeecompany.com 



for 2019

Russian Nucs

SOLD OUT for 2019

We are offering a 5-frame nuc in a reusable plastic E-Z Nuc.

Each nuc is made with 4 frames of comb and one frame of foundation, which gives it some growing room.  You will receive a minimum of 2 brood frames and 1-2 honey frames and a new Russian queen.  Nucs typically need to be transferred into full size equipment within a few days after you take them home. Our nucs are not typically overflowing with bees when you get them. Most of our customers travel more than 2 hrs and many spend 8+ hrs driving one way. We want you to arrive home with live bees, so our nucs have 2-3 frames of sealed brood. In 10 days you will have more bees than will fit in the box.

SOLD OUT for 2019

Pick up date for Lexington, OK 

   May 10-11,2019

Pick up dates and time: Wiggins,MS

Nucs will be available for pickup mid April

thru mid May (specific dates will be determined

based on the spring weather conditions). 

When ordering Nucs you must include the total

number requested and the desired dates you will be picking them up.

Nucs will be avaible for pick up at our shop in Wiggins from 6:00 – 7:30 PM on a Friday evening and/or 6:30 – 8:00 AM on a Saturday morning. Bring your veil and gloves and pick out your nucs. Bees travel best in/on an open truck bed. I strongly encourage everyone to transport nucs on/in the back of an open truck bed. Once you have selected and loaded up your nucs we are no longer responsible for them.

​2019 Prices & Locations


358 Highway 13, Wiggins, MS, United States

$15 Plus Shipping


Monday - Thursday  9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Central time

Office: 601-928-5865  email: orders@coybeecompany.com


Queen prices plus shipping:

1-10     $38.00 each

11- 50  $35.00 each

51-100 $32.00 each

100 +   call for prices

Clipped add $4.00 each

Marked add $4.00 each

 Pick up in Wiggins, MS

 1-10         $150.00 each

11- 50      $145.00 each

51-100     $140.00 each  

If you are interested in coordinating delivery of Russian Nucs for your local/regional bee club give me a call at 601-928-5865.

​ Delivery is available for a minimum of 100 nucs. Additional shipping and handling fees will be based on delivery location.

Our telephone is temporarily out of order because we are moving into our new office.

You can reach us at 601-467-5099   

Helpful Hints

Inspect your queens when you receive them but DO NOT open battery boxes inside the house.

Water your queens upon receiving them.
Keep them out of the sun and away from any pesticides.
The shipping containers are for shipment only. These queens should be used as soon as possible. If stored, they should be put into a bank hive. 

Be prepared for your queens. We do not recommend preparing your hives until you have received your queens. Delays can happen.
If you plan on re-queening a hive with a large population, we recommend that you slow introduction by adding tape to the candy end of the cage and hand release her after 5 days.