CBC T-Shirts $15 each plus shipping

We will gladly ship you the Finest Coastal Wildflower honey in Mississippi. Just give us a call at 601-928-5865 or send an email us at orders@coybeecompany.com 


358 Highway 13, Wiggins, MS, United States

These T-Shirts are made from "DryBlend" material which is 50% Cotton/50% Polyester.  These shirts wick moisture away from your body and are available in three Colors.

Carolina Blue, Daisy Yellow, and Sport Grey Sizes: S-2X

Call 601-928-5865 or email orders@coybeecompany.com 

Maybe you have purchased some honey from us at the Ron Myers Christmas City Show and want to know where to buy more of the Gulf Coasts' Finest Wildflower honey.

We have a self serve honor stand in front of our office located at 25 Pump Branch Rd. in Wiggins, MS.  


We will ship to your location. Just email us at orders@coybeecompany.com and let us know how much you want and where to ship it.

Thank you for your business.

Steven and Angelia Coy